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Ingrown nail

Causes and symptoms for ingrown toenail

The ingrown toenail is a condition that frequently occurs in the rim of the big toe. It is often the result of wrongly cutting the nail. It is characterized by the penetration of a part of the nail into the skin.

This may cause various problems like pain, swelling and redness. The ingrown toenail usually evolves in three phases. It begins with the appearance of a little redness and slight swelling. Subsequently, it aggravates and can lead to severe inflammation especially for diabetic patients.

The ingrown toenail is most commonly found on the rim of the big toe

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Treatment tailored for your condition

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Seeking diabetic foot care is also necessary if the symptoms persist. I am at your disposal at my clinic in Dollard-Des Ormeaux, Montreal, for any medical prescription. In case of resistance to medical treatment, surgery can also be performed to treat the nail as quickly as possible.

While waiting for the consultation, be sure to maintain good foot hygiene and be careful what type of shoes you are wearing – wrong footwear can worsen your ingrown toenail condition.

Wearing shoes that are too tight for you is one of the causes for ingrown toenail

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